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MakrShakr: what could you make with the power of three robots in your pocket?

A robotic bar offering the crowd a taste of third industrial revolution!

Makr Shakr is a robotic bar, able to prepare approximately one googol drink combinations based on crowd input. People will be able to design their own drinks learning from the recipes of others, and leaving tips for the next designer, through their handheld devices. The digital design system can also monitor the individual’s alcohol consumption, promoting responsible drinking. Makr Shakr aims to show the “Third Industrial Revolution” paradigm through the simple process design-make-enjoy, and in just the time needed to prepare a new cocktail.

The project will preview during Milan Design Week (April 9-14th) before being unveiled in its final configuration at Google I/O in San Francisco on May 15th, 2013.


a mobile app for the visually impaired to crowdsource vision and care for them. Using inbuilt iOS and Android’s accessibility features, a visually impaired person can easily take a picture of anything with just a tap. The image is then shared with micro-volunteers in real-time as a query. The volunteers can describe the image to the visually impaired, from wherever they are, making volunteering effortless, easy and instant — a movement also known as micro-volunteering. The replies are then converted from text to speech for the visually impaired. With this app, now anyone, anywhere, can connect to a visually impaired person, and help even if they only have seconds to spare.