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Emart Sale Navigation_VLC Sale Coupon

A lot of different state-of-the-art technologies have been engaged in R&D for development of Indoor Navigation, the real-time locating and tracking service, to make it available within a shopping mall or a store.

The emart Sale Navigation project proves a new possibility for indoor navigation with a distinctive approach based on VLC technology.

Volkswagen Smileage. Powered by Google.

The first social app made to maximize fun on every drive is coming soon. Go for happier drives. Visit http://smileage.vw.com/

Main features include:

– Trip Mode: your friends can watch and comment on your journey in real time.
– Your Smileage™: who you’re with, where you go, and what you share make the drive more fun, increasing your Smileage™.
– Punches: every time you pass another Volkswagen with Smileage™, you get a punch—without the sore arm.
– Stickers: earn stickers for special punches, like passing a Volkswagen that looks exactly like yours.